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Just an idea or two…

Sometimes we read a tip on how to do something better, and it resonates. I won’t be writing my usual monthly newsletter in August because I’m taking a holiday and going back to Italy to see my family for a couple of weeks. So for this newsletter I decided to share just a few miscellaneous tips with you, in no particular order, and hopefully maybe one might prove useful.

No more orphan socks: forget the hours of trying to find mismatching socks, you’ve definitely put 2 in the washing machine but only 1 comes out! Before you put them in the wash, use a large safety pin to pin them together and they’ll remain attached through the wash and dryer cycles.

Handbags tend to gather a huge assortment of items and it can be an exercise in frustration just trying to locate your car keys. Handbag organisers are sometimes larger than we need them to be. I found something in my local $2 shop that works beautifully: colourful mesh zipped bags. They’re firm but light, come in different sizes, and because they’re mesh you can see the contents. You can just pick them up and pop them into a different handbag as the need arises.

Pretty boxes: I know I’ve spoken about these lots of times but really they are so useful for a multitude of different items. Here’s what I use them for: makeup, nail polishes, CDs and DVDs, photos, jewellery, and the list goes on. And they can stack on top of each other without taking too much room.

Lost the keys again… put a large hook on the wall near your entrance, or if you have a table in the hallway you can use a small basket or pretty dish to contain the keys.

Set yourself a goal to work through the piles of paper for maybe 15 or 20 minutes each evening; it could be while you’re waiting for your favourite TV programme to come on, or during the ad breaks. Sort what to keep and what can be thrown out, and have a plastic bag for the throw outs, and a few plastic sleeves for what you’ve sorted. You’ll get through the paper war in no time.

How do you feel about making lists? I love them because it means I can get the ‘to do’ list out of my head and onto paper. In case you’re like me, you might find one or two, or even a few of the templates on my website useful to help you get organised, you can download them and they’re free. They include a Daily To Do List, Weekly Activities Schedule, Weekly Meal Planning, Christmas Gift List, and a Recipe Index, to name just a few. http://gioia.net.nz/decluttering-resources/downloads/

If you have a specific area in your home that needs organising I’m sure you’ll find that I’ve written a newsletter about it with ideas and tips to help you declutter and get organised. Check out my blog: http://gioia.net.nz/decluttering-blog/ I’ve been writing these monthly newsletters for several years now and I’ve tackled almost every area and clutter problem that you can think of.

I hope you’ve found a useful idea or two here. I wish you joy and blessings and I look forward to being in contact with you again on my return to NZ in September.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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